Stole Xmas. By Uncle Monty.

How Peter & John Bird Stole My Christmas Tree.
By Uncle Monty. Blog Graphics By Alex Albion.
Dear Monty: Feel free to use the latest about Colin
James III or "CJ3" for your exposé of him:
More on Colin James III : This is a discussion on
more on Colin James III within the Eiffel forums in
Programming Languages category; It has been reported
that Colin James III, who accused prominent members
of OO community of being "fake scientists" several years
ago, has become a complete failure in life, an alcoholic
drunkard, he lost several frivolous lawsuits, and his BSAM
pseudo-invention has been firmly rejected by the business
community. He is now accusing of raping a boy in a troubled
youth center, which would not be surprising given his un-
healthy interest in homosexuality and paedophilia. Thank-
fully, the Eiffel community has rejected Colin James III.
This article intends to inform other newsgroups about
the true nature of this creep. Warrants against ...
Those idiots in London have fallen for all the crap he's given
them about you. Whatever the big issue is, they need to
rectify what they've done aganist you all because all of the
sick troll CJ3. Hang in there Monty. You have alot more
friends than you think. Don't let anybody steal
your Christmas. Blessing Fr. Mike.
This should help you to explain to others what a
creep and crank Colin James, III, truly is even
back from 1995:
Now back to the main story "How Peter
& John Bird Stole My Xmas Tree."
With Help From The Colorado Cunt.
By Uncle Monty.
Christmas is the only time of the year that most
street vendors can make any real money by
selling The Big Issue. At no other time during
the year do most vendors earn much more than
peanuts compared to the greedy operators of
Peter and John Bird of The Big Issue.
And, so it’s Christmastide again with Advent
now here. But for me I have been deprived this
Christmas by the vile Bird Brothers from selling
The Festive Edition of The Big Issue for the first
time in 5 years at my pitch at London’s
Covent Garden. Why? Yes, why? Oh, why?
The Vile Bird Brothers of The Big Issue.
It all stemmed from May, when the Colorado
Cunt called Colin James, III., or better known
as the vicious and malicious “CJ3” of Loveland,
Colorado, USA. He is the 60 year-old cunt who
deliberately contacted The Big Issue with his
usual cunning intent of harming me by telling
Peter and John Bird all the sordid details he
could about me regarding my sins from
my long days in America.
An unconvicted criminal cyber stalker of me
for over 12 years, CJ3 is best known for being
publicly labelled as the internet's “1996 Kook
of the Year.” He is also a bogus “Episcopal
cleric” who goes around calling himself “The
Right Reverend Joseph Colin James, III.”
He uses fake names and fake positions
like also calling himself a "Press Officer."
He is basically an evil character who delights
in doing the most bizarre and unChristian
deeds against those who are on his sick "Hit
List" like me of the past decade or more.
I’m No. 1 on his criminal cyber stalking.
The Beulah Hill Man, Says It All
About "The Big Issue," Doesn't He?

No sooner had the evil CJ3 contacted The
Big Issue, in stepped peewee Peter Bird,

the lousey brother of big mouth co-founder
John Bird, by declaring I was suspended “for
bringing The Big Issue into disrepute.” All
that Peewee Peter did was to do the dirty
bidding of diobolical Colin James, III.,
the Colorado cunt.
Although I had done absolutely nothing
wrong in the UK, or at my beloved Big Issue
pitch, Peter and John Bird acted like judge,
jury, and executioner of me without even
offering me a chance to appeal against their

callous and arbitrary decision to take away
my pitch of five years good standing. What
the Bird Brothers also did was to throw away
all of my good customers and then deprive
me as an old age pensioner (or senior citizen)
of not only making supplemental income but
also the joy and the mêlée of being active and

productive in my old age at my pitch. What
CJ3 and the Bird Brothers have tried to do
is to murder my very soul!!
Joseph Colin James, III, Didn't Even Mourn The Death of His 93 Year-Old Dad. That's How Evil He Really Is!

JOSEPH COLIN JAMES Jr. Obituary: View JOSEPH JAMES's Obituary by ...
18 Apr 2010 ... Online obituary or memoriam for JOSEPH JAMES. Read JOSEPH JAMES's life story, offer tributes/condolences, send flowers or create a JOSEPH ...
Now Peter and John Bird, with the conniving
help of the evil cunt CJ3, have in affect stole my
Christmas Tree for 2010. Stole your Christmas
Tree? Yes, they’ve stole my good Christmas from

me by still refusing to restore my Big Issue
pitch to me at this Christmastide. You see for
most Big Issue vendors their only Christmas
Tree is what they make from those who take
perhaps more pity on them during the
season of goodwill and peace on earth.
But no matter what The Bird Brothers have
done to me or the demon CJ3, I believe God
will eventually intervene against those venomous

three – Colin James, III, Peter Bird, and John
Bird. I pray God will strike them down, espec-
ially the Colorado’s criminal and wicked
stalker CJ3. As the old Chinese poverb
goes: "I cry, while my enemies gloat!!"
If there is a moral here, then two wrongs don’t
make a right. I have been wronged by what

both CJ3 and the Bird Borthers have done to
me and so two wrongs don’t make a right. The
Colorado cunt rejoices as ususal along with his
new UK pals called the greedy and unjust
Bird Brothers.
Peewee Peter Bird of The Big Issue.

Sometime in the upcoming New Year 2011,
I shall write an in-depth and revealing story
all about Colin James, III or CJ3 or The

Colorado Cunt. No doubt he’ll try to take
steps to prevent my story appearing online
with his litigious background of suing others

left right and centre over many years in
the States. His dad, the late 93 year-old
Colin James, Jr., who died in April 15 - also

known in the US as "Tax Day" - of this
year and who was, I am told, a disbarred
Colorado lawyer, imbued his evil son CJ3
into suing others even though he, CJ3,
was unfit to be trained as an Yankee
lawyer himself. More then about

CJ3 in 2011.
I might add here, however, the views
of two others who have known the infamy
and treachery for years of the evil Joseph
Colin James, III., of Loveland, Colorado,
For example, Autocephalous Archbishop Colin
Guthrie of Colorado once describled CJ3 as “the

living Shame of America.” For years and years,
the Colorado cunt has criminally-harassed the
good archbishop and gotten away with it for
years. The kind orthodox archbishop first knew
of Colin James, III, when he, CJ3, was a student
at Colorado College at Colorado Springs in the
mid-1970's. Much earlier, the cunt had attend-
ed the then posh Phillips Exeter Acadamy
of New Hampshire.
Then we have Father Tony Begonja of
Dallas who has also been a long time victim of
CJ3’s perpetual lawsuits and threats against

him and again a non-stop avalanche of his
criminal abuse. They, the fine archbishop
Guthrie and the independent Catholic priest
Begonja, are classic CJ3 victims that feeds
the mental and distrubed psychic fodder of
Joseph Colin James III’s insane hatred and
attacks against those who he percieves to be
“perverts” or “queers." One wonders out
loud what Colin James, III, has hidden in
his own warped closet? I think I now know!
One thing is certain, CJ3 is a pathological and
pathetic creature who is also distinctly anti-
British to his evil core. This is also the same
evil Colorado cunt that is now endeared by
the Bird Brothers of The Big Issue!!
I absolutely refuse to be intimidated or silenced
by the criminal stalker CJ3 no matter if he
tries to have my blog disabled or by threats

of his to again go to court to shut me up against
him. Go ahead, you Colorado Cunt!! I don’t give
a damn anymore of what you seeks to do to me.
I’m too old now to care or to be worried about

your venom and evil anymore. You'll be age 61
come Janurary 19th, 2011. Isn't it time to for

you to stop hurting others anymore? And yes
has I write about your evil life, it's also
America's Thanksgiving Day. Such represents
the best that is America. While you represent
the very worst that is the USA today.
No wonder you're an American cunt!!
Not So Happy Thanksgivingread more WorldNews.com
By Dallas Daring.
In the meantime, CJ3 and the Bird Brothers
can now take great satisfac
tion in having now
destroyed my Big Issue Christmas sales and

for having with intent and purpose simply stole
my Christmas Tree with pride and conceit.
God damn you three and He will ...
I spit in their big smirking faces, Uncle Monty.
+Thanksgiving Day, USA.
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Against Leprosy. By Uncle Monty.

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Anonymous said...

ah monty what a bastard to be
stuck with in the states. its
me again mate hoping youre ok.
if that cunt ever gets to uk
let us know
we'll take care he gets his
arse kicked good for you mont.
have a nice xmas mate. would
love to see you at yur pitch
again for xmas
the bird twins are bastards
like that cunt. peace mate.

The Rutland Deacon said...

IS NOT DEAD. Rumor had it that
he had. My independent clergy newsgroup also speculated the sicko was dead.
His father the “junior” Colin James
we soon found out was the one who had died.
THE NAZI CJ3 we learned was still
the living sicko that he has been for years to live by crucifying others until he is dead for real.
The Rutland Deacon. This being
Saint Andrew's Day.