Homeless. By Uncle Monty.

They Died Homeless.
By Uncle Monty.
Photos By Alex Albion.
Death makes us all homeless whether we
have a home or not during our earthly life.
We all then find a new and permanent home
either at our grave or at our cremation
that then becomes timeless or forever
and a day.
The New Music Group w/Caroline Griffin,
John Deacon, and Alastair Murray.
Death has been on my mind for the past few weeks
due to writing firstly about the awful death of
my dear friend Pravin Mandalia and secondly
about Anita Roddick, the late greedy green
goddess and money worshipper known as
“The Dame of The Body Shop.”
Beyond her, my mind this past week then
became focussed on the homeless dead as I
attended the 18th Annual Commemoration
Service to them held as always at the renowned
Anglican and restored St. Martin-in-the-Fields
at London’s Traflagar Square.
Placing Peace Doves on St. Martin's Tapestry.
From the lovely instrumentation of The New
Music Group to the kind words of friendship
spoken by Roger Shaljean at his reading of his
late wife Kath’s poem – “The Blanket of Friends”
- to the biblical sounds of Father Pradraig Regan
and the splendid reading of Romans 8.35-39
by Major Valerie Mercer, Chaplain, London’s
Booth House, The Salvation Army, all really
gave this year’s Service of Commemoration to
the Homeless Dead a very special robe of respect.
I was truly impressed and quietly moved as I sat
with the gathering of perhaps 250 to 300 other
persons also present with me. Such was a very
far cry from the mercantile, godless, and left-
wing political owners of The Big Issue that
really don’t care a damn about the homeless
living or the homeless dead despite the fancy
words coming out of the lousey mouths of
crummy Peter and John Bird of The Big Issue.
No wonder the homeless service has never in-
vite them to participate at St. Martin’s. I cer-
tainly would never invite The Bird Brothers
that's for sure!!
Major Valerie Mercer, Chaplain, London's
Booth House, The Salvation Army.
Four blocks of names of the homeless dead
were read out with great care. This year’s
list of names was thankfully much less than
in previous years, although any list is al-
ways too long of those without a home at
their death on the streets, or at the hostel,
or at the hospital, or at some horrible
accident, or worse still at their murder!!
St. Martin's Priest-in-Charge Rev'd
Richard Carter, who officiated at service.
Without wanting to sound over monument-
alized and repetitious, I again call for a National
Homelessness Day in the UK and aside from
the recognised Homeless Sunday that is
annually-held at the last Sunday of each
January by a growing number of British
Churches and active faith groups.
St. Martin's Restoration Cost £36 million
(US$57 million) and shown herein is a
lovely example of such that graced the
Commemoration Service for the
Homeless Dead, 2010.
Lovely Sally Leigh with Uncle Monty (shown
below) at London's St. Martin-in-the-Fields.
Sally, who represents the Christain ministry
of Housing Justice, beautifully read a block of
names during the interdenominational service.
It was good to see Sally again, I must say!!
I didn’t recognise this time any representative,
if any, from The Big Issue at the service. The last
time I was there, Big Issue staffer Steve Farrell
Wood was also there, but only to fall asleep during
the service to the homeless dead despite him

having been homeless and a Big Issue vendor he
obviously just didn’t care a hoot. I saw four or
so vendors and ex-vendors present at this year’s
90 minute service. I also saw there one so-called
“de-badge” Big Issue vendor, who happened to
be me due entirely to cold sods Peter and John
Bird of The Big Issue. At the service and at the
post-service reception, three or four folkz
stopped me to tell me that they’d already heard
or read of what The Bird Brothers had done so
callously to me of now some 6 months ago. I'm
still waiting in vain for my Long Acre pitch to
be restored to me!! But it looks like Christmas
will come and go without any godly goodness
coming from The Bird Brothers to me. One
guy after the service almost spit at the
disrespected name of John Bird!! I felt
like doing it myself, too.
Ireland's young (and homeless) flee abroad as
economic meltdown looms. Many young people
are seeking to emigrate rather than face a life of
hardship as the republic lurches towards financial
collapse. By David Sharrock in Dublin.
Always respecting the living and
homeless dead, Uncle Monty.
+Remembrance Sunday, 2010.

:: Feedback & Comments ::
After the St. Martin Service, I later spent the even-
ing at the also deeply Anglican Order of St. Lazarus
Concert at Cadogan Hall to raise funds against the
scourge of leprosy, which affects about 15 million
people around the globe. While I missed meeting
Sir Anthony and Lady Readon Smith, who had
already gone home by the end of the concert, I
was fortunate to spend sometime instead with the
Grand Prior of the Order, the Rt. Hon. 13th Lord
Ferrers, P.C. Along with the Chaplain-General
Rev’d Canon David Skeoch, the Archdeacon of
Plymouth Rev'd Ian Calders, Orion conductor
Toby Purser, and Bulgaria’s leading concert
pianist Valentina Seferinova, who was brillant
and passionate as she played at the grand piano
at the guilded Cadogan Hall. What a fabulous
evening I had!! Praise the Good Lord ...
Poppy Day. By Uncle Monty.

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1 comment:

Former Body Shop worker. said...

There you are Monty! I've signed your petition that I hope isn't
too late. Big Issue can take its "ROADSHOW" and dump it else where. Anita Roddick was a queen
bitch take it from me. Your run in with fatso Mr. Bird is most
telling. Heap more shame on both of them. I support so much that
you write in opposition to Big Issue and Anita. I support your
story about the service for those unfortunate homeless people who have died without a soul in the world. All my best to you, Monty.
This is a former Body Shop worker.
I wouldn't ever sell Big Issue even if the Birds paid me. No way.