In Memoriam. By Uncle Monty.

Pravin Naran Mandalia.
In Memoriam ~ By Uncle Monty.
Graphics By Alex Albion
Pravin Mandalia was the total opposite to the
godless swines Peter and John Bird of The Big
Issue. Pravin was full of grace and caring, too,
while the Bird Brothers are again the total
I first met Pravin Mandalia on the first day of
my Long Acre Big Issue pitch just a month before
Britain’s 7/7 jihadist attack that killed 52 innocent
people on the London Transport in 2005.
Pravin welcomed me to my pitch and assured me
that he was there to be of help. He worked just
a few doors away from my Big Issue spot.
Born at Kenya’s second largest city of Mombasa
at where Obama’s own father was also born,
Pravin was of deep and proud Hindu stock.
He later settled in London in 1980 with his dear
wife Sagoonia and their beloved son Neil. He soon
established his own thriving business as a master
tailor that he was. He also tailored suits, I
believe, for HRH Prince Charles among his
many other important customers. I have
since contacted the prince's office informing
them of Pravin's passing on Tuesday - All Souls'
Day - after he succumbed to lung cancer at his
age of 57. He leaves behind a truly grieving
family and many sad and good friends
that also includes me.
But what I liked best about this wonderful man
I knew was that I could trust him with my own
life!! Pravin Mandalia was that kind of human-
being so rare to find. He never spoke of politics,
religion, gossip, or vulgarity, did good Pravin to
me. He also looked alot younger than in his years
of age late fifties and in his features he showed
an handsomeness and good upbringing to say
the least. His dignity, too, gave full meaning.
How blessed I was to have known him and
how lucky I was to have had him as my very
first Big Issue friend at London’s Long Acre.
As he was dying, I never told Pravin of what
Peter and John Bird had done to me for he
was too ill, I felt, to tell him of my own pain
that the Bird Brothers have deliberately in-
flicted upon me all because of the wicked and
poisonous troll from Loveland, Colorado, telling
them so much nasty stuff all about me out of the
creep's long spiteful and cunning revenge against
me. The Bird Brothers are now no better than
the Colorado creep, who has stalked me now for
12 years without yet being criminally-charged.
Aside from those venomous creatures, my
memory of Pravin Mandalia will always be
good with my high respect for him. As soon as
I was contacted by The Mandalia Family about
Pravin’s final sad death, I sent simple words of
mourning in my open condolence to them,
which read:

"It is with much personal sadness that I hear of
the passing of Pravin, a man of so much grace
and integrity that I so admired the more I
knew him. He was also a gentleman of thrift
and work ethic of the like we see less and less
thesedays. Pravin also upheld the tradition
of family life and hard work."
"I shall always remember the day I first
photographed him dressed impeccably with
the poise and self-assurance of a man from
the old world of good manners and cultured
speech. His face became the true picture
of him with that genteel smile that
only he could give. Wonderful!!"
"Our world isn't the same with dear Pravin
now gone. I salute him in my heart and mind.
I only wish i had gotten to know him better,
but i am so glad to have known in the last
few years of his worthy life."
"I pray the Good Lord will shine his radiant
light upon him and give him everlasting
peace in the name of the Father
and the Son. +Amen."
"My condolences I send with a tear
of remembrance of him. Bless,
Pravin ... Indeed!!"
Truly, Monty.
+Eve of Guy Fawkes Night, 2010.
"(The) Service of Commemoration for people who have died
homeless this year will be held at St. Martin-in-the-Fields,
Trafalgar Square, London, on 11th Nov. 2010, at 11.30am.
The Service of Commemoration is held annually at
Martin-in-the-Fields during Remembrance Week to
remember those who have died homeless or who are
known to all the many homelessness agencies working
in London. All are welcome to attend," writes
Alastair Murray and Jo Pearce.
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Geraldine Shiners (1946-2010).
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Body Shop's greedy Dame Anita Roddick,
whose hubby Gordon was co-founder of The
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Jo Pearce said...

Please Monty do not forget to post details of next Thursday’s St. Martin service for the homeless people who have died this year.
Thank you. Jo Pearce

The memorial you have written to Mr. Mandalia shows how fearlessly you honour those who are your friends. Beware to those who
are your foes. You attack them like an attack dog to bite them any where without mercy.
I’m your friend Monty and you
know that is so. I feel safe
in your hands. Luv, Jo

DERRY of WMLPC said...

Hi Monty,

Thanks for letting me know. Will send email to his family. A lovely man will be missed by all who knew him. Requisunt in Pace, DERRY.